Biosafety of Broiler chickens should be considered instead of taste.

Exploration from Home to Farm and from Farm-to Lab: Broiler Chicken are Preferred for Quantity

Earth is the only planet in our solar system known to support life. Humans are the most successful species by utilizing and altering the earth’s resources. The incredible creatures selected plants and animals of their own choice in questing for the best societal life. Modern human societies are more or less animal and plant free. Increasing demands for more mouths necessitate crop and livestock farms. Broiler chicken gain a commercial weight in less than two months to support the poultry industry. Now, scientists are researching to grow meat in labs from stem cells. We suggest going back to natural food for healthier lives.

Broiler Chicken Farming

Broilers fill our freezers by sacrificing their lives as early as almost two months of age. They don’t reach maturity to provide burgers, pizza, and other junk to you [1]

  • Born to be Miserable: Broilers are born in large hatcheries, where the selection of their survival is synonymous with the painful life ahead. They remain deprived of the love and care of their parents. Chicks with signs of expected abnormal growth are transported brutally to farms in large numbers. The stressed, congested, and controlled environment makes them susceptible to infections. Antibiotics and vaccine usage depend on the regulatory mechanisms of different countries. In poorly governed areas, some heartless farmers provide them with growth hormones. These hormones can cause cancer and other serious health issues in humans.
  • Expecting Health from the Sick Broilers: These mercilessly raised chickens tend to develop cardiovascular dysfunctions, skeletal deformities, arthritis, and ascites. These abnormalities owe partially to genetic makeup and majorly to induced body shape. Heavy breasts and more flesh bare them from walking, leading to exposure to ammonia from feces. Over-crowding further complicates the issues of integument lesions. [2]
  • Preferring Quantity over quality: The Journal of Pakistan Medical Association published research regarding the assessment of food additives in the meat of Broiler chicken and their possible effects on human health. Researchers concluded that an organic diet and natural environment for chickens are better for human consumption. [3]

Some scientists claim the same constitution for domestic and broiler chickens. They quantify the total protein in the meat ignoring the protein profile changes in a stress environment. Even noise causes oxidative stress in animals.

Lab Grown Meat: Alternative to Chicken?

Stem cells are the naïve cells that have the potential to differentiate into many cell types like muscles and fats. [4] Scientists isolate stem cells from animals and differentiate them into muscles for meat replacement. They use 3-D printing to add other nutritional constituents like fats. Some communities raise ethical concerns like Halal or Haram. Muslim ulama suggest zabiha for stem cell isolation.

Broiler chicken are generally unhealthy.

Back to Natural!

Although it is challenging in today’s busy life, domestic farming is the best option. Only healthy and happy animals can meet the nutritional requirements of your family. Our daily diet should contain pulses and dairy items to replace junk from Broilers. The trend of organic poultry is growing at a fast pace globally. The cost of quality is in the form of high rates affordable by elites only. Healthy food for the rich further raises many questions, especially regarding the intentions of customized broiler farming. Going back to nature is the only solution to the health issues associated with commercialization.

The inequality of healthy food distribution should be discouraged.

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    1. nafsorbscientificservices

      Thanks Dr Nadia for showing interest in the post. I believe issue is not with the broiler but the ways we are raising them. Its greed of some farmers distributing diseases in community and also our likes and dislikes. Who can stop taking broiler’s based fast food?

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